Building & Construction Project Management

Once planning permission has been granted and we have produced the detailed drawings for builders to set out on site, the project is then ready to start. We will oversee the whole project from start to finish, seeking to take away the stresses of finding and managing a trusted building firm to suit your needs and budget.
Should it be a small single-storey extension, a large double-storey extension or even a new build home, we have the experience to offer a comprehensive project management service.

Construction project management will bring many benefits to your build which include saving you money, time and stress. 

We can achieve this as we bring to the project:
• Weekly site visits and logged progress for each stage
• Single point of contact throughout the build
• Ensure the project runs smoothly and to timescales
• Control costs, programming and quality
• Overseeing your project if you are out of the country or away with business

The Building Project Management Process
We can start this role whether your planning / building regulation drawings were completed by our company or by another firm. Delivery of the agreed programme cost and quality to the agreed scope of works are key to a successful project, we will ensure that with each project we provide the following items to help us achieve a successful build.

Construction Drawings

As well as supplying the technical / building regulation drawings, we are able to include a detailed schematic drawing showing the locations of light switches, lights, sockets and radiators. This will help the site workmen avoid any guesswork on the requirements at the pricing and building stages, as well an ensuring that any issues are minimised before the build works begin, saving both time and money.

Tendering is the process where we will issue our detailed drawings to four of our approved builders, to ensure you get a correct price at the right quality. Once the builders provide us with their detailed quotes we will review and report back to you. We will then be able to put forward our preference and come to decision together of who to use.
We will issue the builders with an agreed scope of works to ensure they have priced for the exact work that is required on site. This will include a list outlining the required works from excavation, to decoration. It also includes items such as floor finishes, kitchen and bathroom finished and fixings.

Contract Administration

We will form a building contract that ensures all the duties and obligations between the client and the builder have been legally recorded. The building contract will give both parties legal protection if any of these items are not met throughout the project. The contract will include the final costed drawings, schedules, and the building firms quotation. It will also cover payment schedule, builder’s insurance and agreement of working conditions whilst they are on site. i.e. use of client’s water / electric, etc.

Site Inspections

Throughout the construction project management, we will visit the site each week and report progress back to you. This ensures work on-site is progressing as per the agreed programme and costings. We will make you aware of any unexpected issues that arise and how we have overcome them together. The complete project management role is ensuring your property is handed back to you and is ready to live in.

Please get in touch with us to obtain a quote for this service.






Dorset Architectural Services

Dorset Architectural Services is a design-led architectural consultancy.
The company was formed to offer architectural services to local residents looking to extend their homes or build the home of their dreams. We are able to offer clients the benefit of considerable experience and knowledge in dealing with local council planners and planning issues.
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